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High School


Student Council is a high school organization created to promote leadership oriented activities for the school and develop socially responsible global citizens. Student Council representatives are elected by their classmates in each grade. These students represent their grade and serve as their voice in the meetings they hold every week. STUCO works really hard preparing the assemblies every month, engages the school in many community service activities, promotes school spirit, etc.

Students who embrace the arts and are driven by them have an opportunity to develop their talents by taking Art as an elective during the school year.

This activity, held once a year, encourages students not only to learn more about the arts, but to develop their creative skills. Students from different bi-cultural schools in the country participate for a week in fine arts, dance, music, and drama workshops. At the end of this week, all schools prepare an art exhibit, as well as music, dance and drama performances, allowing the students to cooperate and work as a team.

Enthusiastic students who are driven to learn beyond the classroom participate and prepare for different general knowledge competitions. Our middle school, junior varsity and varsity teams compete against many bilingual schools as well as international ones. We are proud to hold numerous awards in these tournaments.

Spanish language is an important cultural heritage we respect and promote. Students put their creativity in motion and write poetry or short stories in Spanish. The best literary pieces are awarded and may be published. Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their spelling abilities in a Spanish spelling contest every year.

Students, who enjoy technology and wish to be licensed by Microsoft Office, may obtain a Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint certification in their 10th grade computer class.

These courses are more challenging classes offered at school, which give students the opportunity to earn college credits. As part of the established school curriculum, CISS offers AP Psychology in 10th and 11th grade and AP Spanish Literature in 12th grade. Students may choose to take AP English Language and Composition or AP Calculus AB in 12th grade.

Should you have any questions or comments about our high school program please feel free to contact me.

Jorgelina de Giammattei
Head of Secondary School


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