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Welcome to CISS

Welcome to the International School of San Salvador web site.
During a child’s time with us, we undertake to ensure that they achieve their maximum potential whether it is in the academic, cultural, sporting or social arena. At CISS we believe every child has his/her own individual strengths. We aim to capitalize, recognize and extend children’s strengths whilst also focusing upon areas identified as in need of further development. In other words, we acknowledge the ‘uniqueness’ of all children.
Through this approach our children will become lifelong learners in a changing world.  Building positive and worthwhile partnerships and recognizing the ‘uniqueness’ of children will lead to ‘more’ enhanced educational outcomes for our students.
In your time with us I am sure your child/children will undertaker in an exciting, fun-filled and wonderful educational journey.

The International School of San Salvador was founded in 1979 by Chester and Nora Stemp, the present proprietors. The school offers a Kinder-12th grade program of studies modeled on the U.S. educational system and incorporates the requirements of the Salvadoran Ministry of Education. Located in an urban residential area, this small private school meets the needs of students of various nationalities, cultures, and linguistic backgrounds. The school is a member of the following organizations:


We are proud to be members of the most prestigious educational institutions

Accredited in the US

I look forward to your participation in our learning team.

Chester Stemp


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